A Quick Update… Surgery Health & Finances…

Hi everyone. My surgery is scheduled for the 28th in the afternoon. The great surgeon I wrote about in a previous post has agreed to do the surgery robotically, which should make it minimally invasive, with a quick healing time. I would certainly appreciate your prayers.

As some of you know, the co-pay after the medical insurance will probably be between 6,000 and 7500. I can’t get a straight story from anyone at this point since everything is “just an estimate.” Friends and family have been amazing… helping to raise the rest of the money for the surgery since they know that I’m self-employed and the sole provider for my family, and my husband has a slew of medical bills all the time too. So far they’ve raised about 3,300 which I’m so thankful for. What an incredible Christmas gift for me this year.

Several people have been asking how they could help. If you would like to find out more about how to help you can write me at lindabmusic@cox.net or if you would like to give you can click on the donate button below.


About journeyofhopewithlindab

I'm a woman who still lives by the motto "there's always hope as long as we're still breathing." I've lived through a lot of things over the years and I'm currently battling cancer... but I'm not giving up any time soon. Join me on my journey. View all posts by journeyofhopewithlindab

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